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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Reducing engine bay temperatures and improving air distribution, part 2

To further reduce the intake air temperature at the cooling fan and overall in the rear of the vehicle, I also decided to wrap the header with a thermal wrap. Manufactured by Thermo-tec, they claim more HP and up-to 70% reduction in temperature of the exterior of the header, compared to an unwraped/uncoated header. Installation is straightforward except for the fact that you are working with fiberglass and it gives me the hives. They have you wet the wrap, then install it. Afterwards, a 2000F paint goes over the wrap to seal it. Just fire up the engine and watch the smoke billow from the exhaust. The cure process generates tons of smoke - I forgot about that and started the car in the garage. Once it stops smoking, the somewhat flexible wrap turns hard. 


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