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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More testing with the euro tin

Now that I have the lower euro-inspired cooling tin in place, I decided to take the car to Chicago yesterday. A little bit of highway driving mixed with equal parts of traffic would be a great chance for me to see how the tin would affect the oil and head temperatures. 

First off, it took a good 10-20 minutes longer for the oil to get up to 180F. Secondly, once I got going and was cruising with some fairly decent rpms, the oil did manage to warm up to 190F, but as soon as I reduced speed, it quickly decreased to 180F and for the first time I've seen, it actually fell to 175F during operation.

Lastly, head temperature. I would have not believed it with my own eyes but I have a head temperature gauge as my proof. With an outside temperature of about 82F, I was running on my way to Chicago 315F head temperatures while holding in excess of 65mph and 4200-4400 rpm in 5th. Under WOT, head temperatures stayed between 335F and 345F. Lower by at least 10F, that's not the biggest change I observed. Also, in traffic, the head temperatures would drop down to 300F and sometimes into the 290s. Before, once the engine got to a particular temperature, it rarely would drop in temperature below 324F in traffic. Apparently, the lower tin most definately helps keep things cool both at lower and higher speeds. 


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