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Monday, July 03, 2006

Yet another oil change

It occured to me that possibly the 10w60 was too thick at operating temperature causing it to be bypassed from the oil cooler. Considering the cost of the Castrol TWS 10w60, I carefully cleaned the drain plug area and collected the almost new oil (<500mi) for later use. 

To see if indeed it was the fact that the oil wasn't going to the cooler and hence the 15-20F higher oil temperatures, I chose to replace it with Delvac 1300 Super, which just so happens to have about the same TBN and percentage of additives like Zn, P, and C. Not to mention they both also don't have moly and have equall PPMs of boron, which if my hunch is correct, is one reason for the oil pulling more heat.

To be sure that it wasn't the fan belt slipping, I had already pulled a shim out and retensioned the fan belt. I also verified the 28 degrees max advance, so the timing is also spot on.


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