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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Pressure reliefs

I pulled both the horizontal and vertical pressure reliefs to see if something might be caught up or improperly installed. 

Here are some of my observations. The vertical spring is shorter than the horizontal spring and the vertical spring is a lower tension spring- I would have to say that it's about 65% of the tension of the horizontal one. Both pistons were scuffed, so I polished them up till they were smooth to the touch with some very fine emory paper. They now slide in and out easy- getting them out was a tad more difficult.

Idea: Maybe, just maybe I switched the springs on accident, or maybe they were that way to start? Should the taller spring be in the vertical pressure relief. It would sure make sense to me that I'd want the stiffer one there, since replacing the spring in the vertical pressure relief with a spacer would force all the oil through the cooler.

I'd like to say thanks to Ron LaDow of Precision Matters for helping me troubleshoot the pressure reliefs. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this. I just want to make sure that indeed it is the oil and not some other external factor throwing my oil temperatures off.


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