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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Oil analysis results

I just got back my testing results from Staveley Services on the Royal Purple Max Cycle 20W50 I was running. With some odd 4000+ miles on the oil with extremely high oil temperatures, the oil still managed to come in spec for the viscosity of a 20W50. As far as the TBN, it was reduced from the initial 8.5 to a little below 7. Likewise, the Zn and P levels were reduced about 15%, still leaving in excess of .12%+ Zn and P. I would expect under normal circumstances, this oil would indeed perform the recommended 15,000 mi drain intervals per Royal Purple's recommendations. I would however say that filter changes every 3,000 mi are a must (they recommend every 5,000) when using a high-filtration Mobil 1 filter, as they filter more and hence, fill up with contaminants faster. Of note, there was an abnormal level of copper in the oil, which may be reminants of the initial break in and dyno testing, as I was still running the same oil that was in the engine when it was run in. Staveley recommended to retest, but since I drained the oil already, I plan on re-testing in roughly the same amount of time and miles.


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