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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New pressure reliefs and more oil testing

I received the oil pressure relief springs and pistons from Stoddards on monday. I prepped them and swapped out the older parts. The new springs were slightly longer and stiffer than the ones in there. I'm not sure what it did for my oil pressure, but here's what I found with the oil temperatures. 

I chose a route from Momence to just east of the Indiana border @ Route 41. It's a good 15-20 miles each way and has some great spots for going WOT as well as plenty of chances to pass slower big rigs. This is the same route I have taken every time I make a change, to be as accurate in my data collection.

The first roundtrip was on Delvac 1300 Super, barometer 29.90 in Hg and 63% humidity, 76F. The second roundtrip was on Royal Purple Max Cycle. Same barometer reading and 76% humidity, 69F. I measured oil temps at the sump with a Mainely Custom by Design temp dipstick. I chose three spots to check the temperatures and held 3500 rpm constant in 5th with exception of passing, and I made sure only to pass once and took the car to the same head temps each time, about 380F.

Run 1: Stop 1 220F, Stop 2 226F, Stop 3 228F
Run 2: Stop 1 212F, Stop 2 222F, Stop 3 218F

Even with the lower ambient temperature on the second run, i'm willing to say that I was running a tad cooler with the RP, but most definately, the RP was much better at sheding the heat. I'm going to stick to RP from now on in this engine and continue with 3,000 mi oil change intervals unless my testing results from Staveley suggest otherwise.

Between the mileage I put on the car testing the oil and running errands, I'm now up to 4200mi.


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