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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

More on oil temp

I again drained the Delvac 1300 and refilled it, but this time I used a racing oil additive supplied by CMW Racing that had been blended with the Royal Purple, just to make sure it wasn't the reason for the lower temps. I again took the same drive and the weather conditions were the same, with exception of humidity, which fell from 71% to 51%. The oil gauge again registered 240F after some spirited driving, but the dip stick measured lower by at least 5F lower than what the gauge indicated, which I can probably dismiss as climatic changes or gauge error. I now plan on switching back to RP to see if I can duplicate the results I had previously attained. Some may squirm at the thought of 240F oil, but you have to remember that I'm running oils designed to see prolonged high temperatures. Even the delvac 1300 super, which is a dino oil, is rated for continuous temperatures up to 150C.


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