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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Cooler Performance


Stop 1: 204F
Stop 2: 214F
Humidity: 60%
Barometer: 29.86 In Hg Falling
Outside Temp: 95F (109F heat index)

Before: (temps in paranthesis are corrected for outside temp)

Stop 1: 220F (239F)
Stop 2: 226F (245F)
Stop 3: 218F (237F)
Humidity: 63%
Barometer: 29.90 In Steady
Outside Temp: 76F

The second stop on the before was at 3/4 of the course I laid out as a stopping point to let the oil cool off. Since the oil was running so cool, I didn't need to stop at all.

From my earlier testing, for every 1F hotter or cooler outside air temp, I registered a 1F increase or decrease in oil temperature. That said, if we were to translate the before #s to todays hotter outside temperature, the highest 226F would have actually been closer to 245F or hotter. The 240F we had registered on an 85F day would have been 250F. That said, our highest temperature of 214F shows that the oil cooler at worse, was worth about 35F cooler max oil temps. Not too shabby!


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