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Monday, June 26, 2006


Odometer 3800 mi. Just like for Hershey, we pack up the car and hit the road. Before leaving, I pulled the spark plug on cyl #2 and put a new one, to see what it looks like after our drive to evaluate the tuning and spark plug color. Idle was a little rough and I pulled out the idle jets and flushed the circuit with carb cleaner and readjusted. The car runs better than ever after doing some fine tuning. Head temps to and from floated betwen 335 and 350, even with hard acceleration. Oil temps hold around 210F and only under very hard driving does it get to 220F and returns back to 210F when the load is removed. Not a problem with the 20w50 Royal Purple Max Cycle synthetic i'm currently running. Fuel economy is up to 22 mpg. Not exceptional, but getting better. Stoddards was great. We won a gift certificate to Best Buy and a Bosch counter stool, which had to be taken apart to fit in the car, but we squeezed it in. Can't wait until next year!

Notice the oil and cylinder head temperature. Both pictures were taken back to back, sorry no telephoto on my point and shoot!


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