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Monday, June 26, 2006

Prelude up to my 1883- the birth of the 1800 and buying a Porsche 912

This blog is a long time in the making. It started back in 2003 when I sold my first set of cylinders for a Porsche 356. It actually started even before then, with the formation of LN Engineering as a mere college project in late 1999 to make a reliable, large displacement, aircooled engine, for a Porsche 914 originally. LN was formed in 2000 and the rest is history,

After selling my first set of 356 cylinders, ny interest was peaked and in short order I had a new big bore kit, 1800ccs, which was larger than the typical 1720cc kits available at the time. In 2004 two things happened- one, the first race engine using our cylinders was built by a fellow by the name of William Noblitt. He managed to squeeze a respectable 160 hp out of 1800ccs.

At this same time, another customer already enjoying his 1800 wanted more displacement for another motor. It is always said that there is no substitute for displacement and boy, are they right. My wife was up to the challenge and she did the engineering and came up with our now tried and true 1883cc big bore kit. Sometime I wonder if this was the right thing to do or if I should have waited until I was out of 1800s! I still to this day have 1800 kits on the shelf, since no one wants them- they get bypassed for the big boys.

This is about the time that I purchased a 66 Porsche 912 so that I could build an 1883 of my own and catch up with what I was missing. In September 2004 I flew out to Portland and picked up my 912. Little did I know that the car had over 250,000mi and was very, very worn out. One of my customers (and friends), Brad Roberts, went through the car from end to end while the car was in the care of High Performance House in Redwood City, CA. Some few thousand dollars later, the car ended up tighter than most new cars and drove like a dream, with exception of a nagging oil leak.

Let me tell you about that oil leak. The car was loosing about 1 qt of oil every 100 mi the whole way from CA to IL. The drive was uneventful other than the fact that my oil gauge appeared to be broken, since it was pegged in the red most of the time. Come to find out, the engine had been wrenched on by the previous owner and somehow the oil cooler had never been bolted down and the oil cooler was literally floating in the shroud. It's a miracle the engine had oil pressure and most definately explained the high oil temperature and excessive leaking. To this day the car still has an oily film out back I cant get rid of.

The engine came out of the car not too much longer after I got back to IL. The transmission went back out to CA to be checked out and the engine went to Aircooled Technology. Now onto the parts accumulation and endless planning.


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