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Monday, June 26, 2006

Oil Change

For those not following my oil study, it's a must read at

At the suggestion of a Pelicanite (Pelican Parts forum member), I changed the oil to try out Castrol TWS 10w60, which is a BMW spec oil for the M3, M5, and Z8. If it's good for those cars, it's good enough for me. We also switched out the oil filter for another Mobil 1 M1-208 as well as the canister filter, just to be thorough.

The old oil is going out to Stavely Services to be analyzed and hopefully it will help us to establish recommended drain intervals with synthetics and full flow filtration.

I also checked the valves and still .008" all the way around. I might tighten them up now that everything seems just right. Maybe .004" on the intakes and .006" on the exhaust.


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