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Monday, June 26, 2006


Odometer reads 2600 mi now. For those who haven't seen me set up at Hershey in the past, I have a pretty slick setup for outdoor swaps and shows that is designed to fit entirely in a 911 or 912, plus two passengers and their cargo. I would have to say that all together, it's about an extra 500# of cargo normally not carried. You know it's alot of added weight, since the car sits low and hugs the road, and if you hit a pothole or rut in the road, the car bottom out. Yet another good reason not to have a deep sump.

On the way there, I had some elevation changes and it seemed as though the heads were running a little hot. Prior to leaving for Hershey, I bumped the timing to 32 degrees from 30 to see what change it might have, along with a main jet change from 150 to 155. The rain sucked this year but the 912 and the 1883cc engine was a hit. We were not prepared for the weather and were very wet and cold, and we used the engine every once in a while to generate some heat for us. This prompted a crowd to form at out booth and requests to blip the throttle and bounce it to 7000 rpm. Smiles all around.

Along the way back, I changed the 155 mains out for some 160 mains to see if throwing some more fuel at it would help. Most definately the 160s were too big, causing a bog between 3000 to 4000 rpm, but I just pushed on. I also finally found the source of my oil leak- one valve cover was an early style from a 356 that at one point had a check valve that had been cut out, leaving an open path for the oil to literally blow out of the vent on the valve cover. Easy fix.


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