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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I forgot to mention that before heading out for Stoddards I changed out the Redline gear lube for Mobilube SHC, which is the same stuff used by Porsche from the factory in their GT2 and GT3's, among other race cars. It is hard to get and usually only available in 55 gallon drums. It just so happens that the big rig shop next door to my office uses the stuff exclusively in every big rig he services, so he was able to fill my gearbox no sweat. First observations- it's easier to go into first when coming to almost a complete stop without grinding gears- something that was very difficult with the Redline. Also, before there was a noticable whine or growl with the Redline both on and off throttle, like the sound straight cut gears make, but definately gear box related. With the SHC, the transmission is very quiet, dare I say smoother and more quiet than with the Swepco 201 that I had in the transmission before. I'm happy with the change and would recommend the Mobilube SHC any day, in any gearbox that takes GL-5.


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