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Monday, June 26, 2006

First drive

Odometer 1000mi. My drive from Georgia back to Illinois. Drove the whole way straight, just stopping for gas. For the whole trip, I averaged 20 mpg, holding between 65-75, depending on the flow of traffic and speed limit. Trip was very, very loud, as I did the drive with an open header and no muffler. Luckily I didn't get pulled over for the noise. The car ran great, only got the heads to 400F once, and that was on blood mountain near the top- my fault really, I didn't keep the rpms up. Near the end of the trip, I was really freezing my butt off- no heat with a race header and my gas heater wasn't working! Glad to be home.

Adjusted the valves, cylinders 1 and 2 were tight with zero lash; cylinders 3 and 4 were tight, but not as much as the other banks. Engine was running a little rough and discovered the spark plug wire to cylinder 2 was bad. Replaced with a new wire and good as new.


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