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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Odometer now at 4000mi. I have a good solid 200+ miles on the new Castrol TWS 10w60 oil and I have a good feel for how it is performing. I drove in traffic both ways to and from the North of Chicago, Winnetka actually, to visit a college buddy and to go out to lunch. The oil actually in traffic seemed to run a little cooler than the Royal Purple, which never really seemed to deviate far from the 210F I was used to seeing. And before anyone asks, the weather was just about identical to that I had a few weeks back going to Stoddards, and the terrain is about the same - flat. Once I made it out of the city and hit I-57, I was able to bring up the RPMs. Previously, with the Royal Purple I could sustain 4,000 rpm or higher, holding 75mph or more to keep up with the other cars and not break 210F. That is not the case with the Castrol product, as I was seeing temperatures a good 15-20F higher than with the Royal Purple.

I'll make a few casual observations- the Castrol TWS has boron where the RP does not. I have found through testing many oils that those oils reserved for aircooled v-twin or otherwise engines running higher rpms and oil temperatures have boron. The Castrol does not have any moly, whereas the RP has a good deal. Does this make the RP more slippery? An even better question- am I better off running 15-20F hotter with the higher viscosity 10w60 than the RP because maybe, just maybe, it is pulling more heat out of the bearings and doing a better job of cooling critical engine parts? We've seen such the case with Brad Penn / Penn Grade Racing 20w50 which is the old "green" Kendall GT- it too runs higher oil temperatures, but drag racers swear that it increases bearing life. I myself don't know the answer.

I plan on putting roughly the same amount of miles on this new oil as I did with the previous RP to see how it holds up, compared to the RP- I will be checking viscosity stability, total base number, and additive levels, as well as contaminants.


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